Steer your portfolio with confidence

Your personal 7879 portfolio helps you easily keep tabs on your assets. Portfolio management sounds complicated, but our platform lets you track the value of your jewellery at a glance to quickly understand how your wealth has grown.

1. Buy jewellery to appreciate

Invest in the enduring value of 24K gold and 999 platinum jewellery. We offer chic and contemporary pieces made from pure, ethically sourced precious metals. You only pay the current market price for the materials plus a fair fabrication fee.

2. Track your wealth with ease

As the value of platinum and gold rises, so will the value of your jewellery. We’ll hook you up with a personalised 7879 portfolio to help you track the value of your assets in real-time. Check-in whenever it’s convenient to watch your portfolio flourish.

3. Sell when the moment’s right

When you’ve had all your fun with one piece of jewellery and the price is right for you, it’s time to sell that asset or trade up for something new. Just like when you first purchased, our buyback price is based on the current market price of the metal.

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