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Our jewellery is priced by the gram

All of our products are made from the purest Platinum and 24k Gold. We sell each piece based on its weight.

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We use only 24k gold and pure platinum

This is literally the gold standard of precious metals. Jewellery in 24K gold and pure platinum has a reliable, trackable value that can be easily exchanged for cash. Pure gold even has this evocative warm glow that just looks more appealing.

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Our fee is transparent

We’re doing things differently by setting our prices based on the weight of the pure platinum or gold in your investment, and not on branding and marketing costs.

Our prices follow the precise market value of the pure precious metals from which our products are made. This way you can buy when the price is right for you, and truly reimagine jewellery as an investment to appreciate.

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Our pricing changes with the market

Our prices fluctuate to reflect the precise values of platinum and gold, driven in real time

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Track your item's value

Use your portfolio to track the value of your jewellery in real-time

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Sell back at any time

Sell back your items at the prevailing price (fees apply)

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